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Goa has two seasons, both special in their own ways. Season time runs from Nov to Apr, during this time temperatures are fantastic and atmosphere is sensational.

 Starting in May and finishing around Oct is the magical monsoon, with less tourists, it is the perfect time to get away from the chaos and feel the warm Indian monsoon rains replenish your mind.

We are happy to provide apartments for your stay and with years of experience in Goa you will be in the right hands. Not to mention we run a cheese factory which has a full size snooker table, browse our site to learn more about our us and our cheese business

We offer four different apartments take a look at the following galleries and book up. 

Have a look at our visit goa gallery and note the apartment number in the description, thought the following link: visit goa gallery


We look forward to hearing from you,

Team Maia Cheese