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Welcome to the wonderful world of Maia Cheese, we produce fine cheese products located in the picturesque surroundings of Palolem, Goa, India.

Established since 2005 but developed since 1998, Maia Donadze, CEO of Maia Cheese creates her magical cheeses in our current location in Goa. It really is a unique and magical environment and we invite you to visit us.

Maia Cheese only offers artisan cheeses, by artisan, we mean cheeses made using traditional methods, and in this case the methodology descends from Maia’s Georgian Heritage.

We welcome you to enjoy the site and insist you visit the picture galleries, all cheese images are real.

All Maia Cheese products are free from artificial or modified ingredient and can be used in vegetarian dishes, well actually it goes well with pretty much any dish!

Come visit us in Goa, Check out where you can find our products, or order online

It’s that simple.

Prosperous wishes from Team Maia Cheese


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